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Image by Joshua Sortino



Explore the Cave: Services

Therapy is like spelunking (exploring a cave) with a trusted, objective, non-judgmental companion. The cave represents your mind, and the companion represents the therapist (me). You're somewhat familiar with this cave, as you've explored it to some extent. However, you've decided that maybe bringing someone with you to explore may be helpful.

We enter the cave together; And, while we explore, you use your headlamp to show me some things you notice. It might be something fun or unique, maybe something interesting, maybe even something you're scared of. Perhaps you eventually feel brave enough to show me something that elicits more a more challenging feeling like shame, doubt or guilt. 

However frightening, you're no longer alone. I am alongside you, with explicit concern for your feelings. Maybe we find new parts of the cave together. Maybe we relocate parts of the cave that have been long abandoned. I may even turn on my headlamp to show you a part of the cave from a different perspective.

Exploring the cave may not feel comfortable at first. Most people never learned how to move through it. Most people were advised to "push it away": insensible advice. It's a futile effort. Consequently, at some point, we have to learn how to move through; it's the only way out.

And only when you feel safe to, we will move through the cave. We will face the parts that have been hurt, shamed, neglected. We will give these parts an opportunity to be seen, heard, felt. This is where healing takes place. 

Once you've had enough practice exploring and attending to the cave with me, you will have the tools to go spelunking independently. You will have become comfortable enough with the cave to care for it on your own.


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